BackroomCastingCouch – Angela – 22 Years Old


BackroomCastingCouch – Angela – 22 Years Old – 9-26-16

Barely legal…oh wait, Angela is actually 22. But she looks 18. And she still lives at home with her parents. And doesn’t work. Just partying and shopping. Sugar daddy? Really young “escort”? I’m thinking the latter because Angela is probably one of the most unshakable little cock goddesses we’ve had on the couch…ever? She’s had threesomes, tons of fuck buddies, and likes anal (!).Angela does hesitate a little here and there, and even offers to show me her personal sex videos so she doesn’t have to “perform” right now in the office. But I make her realize that she will need to suck and fuck a stranger – right now – to show the producers why she should be making 1000 to 5000 dollars per day in this business. And the way she gobbles Jake’s cock, cums from getting fucked, and then takes it in the ass with absolutely zero hesitation I gotta say, she probably should be getting into porn for real. We’ll see if she keeps going to castings – real ones – after this one. She did seem to enjoy it enough to do it again, payment or not.
I would have loved to tag this one “anal creampie”. Anal lord Agent Jake certainly shot (hehe) for it. But unfortunately “Jizzy Jake” – yes, Jim, I’m taking this one – cums so damn deep in Angela’s ass, next to nothing comes back out. And I’m not about to ruin my new couch by having her force- push stuff out of her ass, thank you very much. That’s the bitch with anal creampies…hit and miss. Or Shit and mess, depending on the day.


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