BackroomCastingCouch – Alexa – 27 Years Old


BackroomCastingCouch – Alexa – 27 Years Old – 3-20-17

It’s all about Greek today. Alexa doesn’t reveal this until the end but she’s an accountant in real life. Like, taxes and numbers and stuff. And obviously having sex on camera and getting paid for it would be a really fun side job for her. At 27 tho, Greek girl Alexa is too young to be a real MILF, and too old to be in the teen category. So she’s kinda stuck in the middle here. Agent Jake is determined to help the 34D-stacked girl on her porn career path and he generously allows Alexa to make her case why she’s fit to do porn for a living, and demonstrate her toy play abilities (where she cums), but that’s about where it stops – for the moment. Greek ladies tend to be strong-willed, and Alexa puts a clear NO! out in the open when Jake asks her to go the extra mile (aka suck his cock). But Jake wouldn’t be a (fake) agent if he didn’t have the negotiation skills needed to make things happen. Fast forward a few minutes and there Alexa is on her knees, gobbling down that Irish meat stick until Jake is nearly about to pop. A couple of our favorite positions and then it’s time for Alexa to prove how Greek she really is – FIRST TIME ANAL is on the menu today. And for anal lovers, this is a scene you just can’t miss. “Is this really necessary?!” is Alexa’s question as she gets ass pounded while bent over the desk, cheeks spread for the whole world to see. Why yes, Alexa, it is. At 27 you really need to convince the producers to want to hire you. Jake literally milks his sperm into Alexa’s ex-virgin ass, gives her the obligatory barrage of compliments and promises, and sends her packing.


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