BackroomCastingCouch – April – 18 Years Old


BackroomCastingCouch – April – 18 Years Old – 3-6-17

A girl who talks herself into doing first time anal – on camera, no less, instantly gets a 10. If she’s barely legal, even more so. Yes, April’s scene is tagged “teen”. Believe it or not, this classy lady just turned 18 not too long ago and and has planted her tight little ass on the couch today to see if the porn industry is for her. She already has that pornstar makeup down, so kudos for that, even though it makes her look about a decade older. That’s ok though, as soon as she starts sucking Agent Jake’s Irish Salami, some of that war paint comes off and we can see more of April’s real self. She’s hot either way. More importantly, she does exactly what she’s told and does so with a smile. Except the anal but she doesn’t tear up either, so that’s fine. Smiles as Jake inseminates her without warning. Fuck me but April could just become a real pornstar. Maybe after someone buys her a sandwich, that is. We do like ’em petite but April would look even hotter with some curves.Then again, she’s only 18. By the time she hits the big Two-Oh I’m sure some sugar daddy has treated her to boob jobs and a steak dinner or two.
In summary, April’s casting is probably among the top 5 so far this year. Jake certainly liked her enough to shoot one of the longest scenes in memory. He just couldn’t get enough of April’s pussy (and ass).


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