BackroomCastingCouch – Amie – 19 Years Old


BackroomCastingCouch – Amie – 19 Years Old – 8-1-16

19 year old hostess Amie likes dominant older men, and the kind of ummm…family interaction porn that’s becoming so popular lately on the tubes. Not really relevant other than to show she’s a young little freak who just happens to be super hot. Amie is half Mexican and half African American. I’d say she’s Blaxican but turns out there’s a food truck brand with that name so…don’t sue me, dear food truck guy! Or TC can wear your t-shirt and I can use the term Blaxican again. Deal? Anyway, Amie. OMG right? Those 32C tits, and body and skin so lean and tight as if I ordered her off a Blaxican food truck…amazing. The air conditioner is broken so Amie’s curves glisten with sweat for most of the naughty bits and somehow it just makes everything even hotter. Hmmm…maybe that AC is gonna “break” again soon. Anal? Yes. She likey? Yes. Highlight? Everything, this 5 foot 6 babe just rocks the office. But really, do not miss the epic, EPIC cumshot at the end. It’s a facial AND swallow AND our mocha babe’s tits get covered. It’s so epic and massive and hot, the first person who whines in the comments section about how TC should’ve given her a creampie loses their membership.


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