BackroomCastingCouch – Amber – 20 Years Old


BackroomCastingCouch – Amber – 20 Years Old – 10-3-16

Cutie alert! 20 yo naturally busty cashier Amber says she’s always looked up to pornstars and wants to be just like them. Really, she’s referring to Kim Kardashian, as she confesses at the end. Oddly though, Amber doesn’t actually watch porn movies. Or knows much about what goes on in them. She just knows that there are these pretty women getting all this attention and money.
Well, today she’ll find out what it takes to be a pornstar. After I tell her about the cock sucking and ass fucking she’ll need to be doing, she starts to close down a bit. There’s some hesitation and I thought we lose her for a few moments. She even asks if she can bring in her own guy (that boyfriend she claims she doesn’t have…) so she’d be more comfortable. No, sorry babe. Deal breaker?
But (spoiler alert!), in the end Amber actually outsluts Kim K by doing first time anal during her casting, and even endures a toy in her pussy while Agent Jake pounds her tiny ass mercilessly until he cums inside it. That’s right – anal creampie, folks, and this time we see it all. Amber did great. Super cute. A little shy. Down to earth. When it’s all over, Amber actually thinks having a sex tape is enough to launch her into stardom. But after her “demo tape” hits the public today, I’m pretty sure she’ll learn her lesson that spending a few minutes getting poked by some stranger’s cock in an office doesn’t qualify her for those beauty sponsor deals or a famous rapper husband.


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