BackroomCastingCouch – April – 19 Years Old


BackroomCastingCouch – April – 19 Years Old – 7-11-16

What a pervert. No, not TC (ok he too) but 19 year old April here. In a good way, obviously. A hardcore porn fan and daily masturbator, she gives blowjobs to exercise her face muscles and is doing this audition today because she’s looking for sex with big cocks on the regular on her way to non-porn actress stardom. Money is secondary, if that. Our next-door teen likes other chicks (probably, hasn’t actually tried) and…anal! The latter she wasn’t so sure about, having only tried it (kinda) once, but after TC is done with her ass, she’s sure – she’s into it. April is almost bizarrely open about everything which is probably why TC pops out hard as a rock as soon as she finally takes his pants off to demonstrate those jaw exercises that are sure to impress the producers.


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