Mylene – Custom: Ass to mouth food play with sweets


Mylene – Custom: Ass to mouth food play with sweets

“Thank you for sharing n…! It’s a custom video for which I was asked to stuff my ass with some sweets and to taste them after. So, I got some jelly worms, chocolate candies, marzipan and chocolate bars. I start with jellies, put them deep in my asshole, push them out and taste, love the taste of my asshole! It’s time to try candies, I put six of them in and they start melting right away. Pushing what’s left from candies out and eat it all. After I go for chocolate bars and make them melt inside of me too, fucking myself. My ass makes some naughty sounds from time to time as I push sweets out.”

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Added on: February 26, 2018
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