IviRoses – Blindfolding In Parked Car And So Busted


IviRoses – Blindfolding In Parked Car And So Busted

“The blindfolding video! I park my car in a neighborhood to masturbate blindfolded and get so busted while naked in the end! I start getting naked in the back seat of the car. You can see residential houses, cars, motorcycles etc going by right behind me. I use vibrator, glass dildo and soft dildo to masturbate blindfolded and have multiple orgasms that make my pussy very wet. You can see the cream run out from my pussy when I pull the dildo out. I make a lot of noise when I cum and a neighbor spots me, COMES BY TO MY CAR and sticks his head inside my car from the front windows!! You can see him come by and hear our discussion, when I try cover myself the best I can, asking him to leave many times, before he finally does. The stranger insists saying things in spanish like “don´t be embarrassed, it´s totally normal” and ¨can I get to know you¨, while I respond ¨I’m all good, can you please leave¨.”




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