Kinkydom4sub5000 – Bimbo Housewife Throat Fucked + Broken


Kinkydom4sub5000 – Bimbo Housewife Throat Fucked + Broken ( Part 1 & 2 )

“Samantha’s a hot bimbo housewife who bosses her husband around, wears the pants in the relationship. She’s in great shape, 5’4 105 lbs, 36 DD’s that her hubby paid for, and tan, nails, hair, makeup on point. She’s also hits the gym daily for a tight body and 6 pack abs. She answered my ad and I told her since she’s used to being in charge and for cheating on her man, she’d be getting used and punished hard…She agreed. Needless to say, she’s never been Dominated, Throat Fucked and broken down like this. Lots of slaps, gagging and rough pounding sex turned her into a whimpering little girl. This is a powerful, rough experience which leaves her worn out, exhausted and completely transformed from in control house wife to extremely submissive fuck doll. She was properly trained on how to serve and please the man and to give up control. She kissed from head to toe, repeatedly on the head of the cock and a sensual rim job which she never does for her husband. Up until this video, she’d told him and other producers that she only did girl/girl or solo work. This is her 1st and very intense boy/girl video.”




Part 2


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