IviRoses – Locked Up Clothes For A Naked Hike


IviRoses – Locked Up Clothes For A Naked Hike

“I hide the key, lock up my clothes to a tree, and have to hike back naked to get my key back! Fingering, creamy cumming and peeing naked wearing only sneakers. I hide the keys in public hiking trail, hike downhill, just to strip down naked and lock my clothes up to a tree. Then I need to hike back to the trail, get my key, and get back to my clothes! Before I do, I´m so excited about my nude hike I masturbate and cum, and then pee kneeled down in the ground. Did I get back to my clothes to unlock them before some lucky hikers??? I´m alone in the woods, this is shot by myself, the hiking part is shot with a selfie stick.”




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