Keri Berry – 1st Ever Public Vid: City Park Cum


Keri Berry – 1st Ever Public Vid: City Park Cum

“Watch my nervous as fuck self quiver and cum by a fallen oak. It’s hot and humid, and I’m sweaty and horny– ready to get off. I have never filmed a sex act outside, and have never performed one by myself either- so two firsts here. There was some event happening on the other side of the park, some people came close but I’m not sure you can hear it on the film. You can hear cars and trucks going by, and I try really hard to keep quiet but you hear me moaning and I do speak to the viewer. I fuck myself until I squirt cum all over my little dress I laid out, I eat my cum off my fingers and I show you the big white blotch on my dress lol– after I’m done I’m do damn sweaty I can’t put my pants back on so I wear this tiny dress I came on, holding it up and filming my ass as I walk to my car!!! Super risky for my first time! There will be more this was awesome.”




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