TrinityMay33 – Public Flashing, Food Stuffing, Bottle Use


TrinityMay33 – Public Flashing, Food Stuffing, Bottle Use

“Lots of my fans were really into the video where I walked around with a glass toy inside me, and one special fan had asked that I do something involving stuffing myself full of some kind of food and walking around, so I decided to combine the two! I walk into the grocery store and find a nice place to drop my panties. After doing a little bit of flashing around the store I find a bottle of grapefruit juice and sit it down and ride it, fucking myself in a couple of different locations in the store. Next up I hit the produce section and grab a nice sized yellow squash. I clean it off, lube it up, and shove it inside. It felt so odd and chilly cooling down my pussy which had gotten super hot by this point. I walked around, bending over and squatting down a few places, showing how full I was. On the way out I take off my panties that I’d been using to keep it inside, moon through the glass, and then head to the car. Once I’m at the car, spread my legs a bit and using my pussy muscles I squeeze it out and leave it laying in the parking lot as a treat for whomever stumbles upon it.” 



Added on: October 20, 2018

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