MySweetApple – Naughty Berlin


MySweetApple – Naughty Berlin

“This is our first Mile High Club video, after many years of wanting to do it, I could finally suck Paolo off right in front of everyone in our plane from Barcelona to Berlin. Paolo starts touching my pussy and gets me horny in no time. I show him my boobs, he licks them, we kiss passionately. I can’t wait to suck his cock, I’m so horny. We switch places, I let him keep the window seat so people can’t see us. I start touching him over his pants, but immediately take off his belt and zip him down so I can touch him better. We’re so nervous at the beginning, we thought someone was going to see us and let the flight attendants know. His bare dick is in my hand now, I put it in my mouth, at 10 KM hight dick tastes so much better! Someone’s coming, I sit straight and keep jerking him, it’s hilarious how nobody actually realizes what we’re doing. I go back to sucking, it feels so good and I feel so naughty! I suck, jerk and lick him until he gives me all his cum in my mouth. We’re officially part of the Mile High Club! I kiss him in excitement even though my mouth tastes like his cum LOL.
We’re in Berlin now! It’s cold as fuck but it’s so beautiful we’re over-excited! We arrive in our beautiful hotel facing the zoo, unbelievably and in spite of the cold, there were many people walking by and looking up. It was the best moment to let Berlin know who we are. We fuck a welcome fuck right in front of the huge window. Paolo was obsessed with my panties and he puts them in his face, then in his mouth while he pleasures me. You can see the “sun” set while we make love until Paolo cums on my ass in prone bone. My favorite position! I need food now!
We take a shower and head to the city centre and the Christmas markets. We eat sausages and enjoy hot wine in front of a fire place along with other people, listening to romantic songs LOL. Berlin is amazing!
Te following day we’re invited to a spa, but we obviously didn’t bring any bathing suits to cold Berlin! Let’s go shopping! Bikinis here are huge, nothing close to the G-Strings I’m used to wearing, but there’s no choice. We pick a couple options and head to the fitting rooms. We fuck wildly, the mere thought of going to a spa turns us on so much! Paolo gives me a huge load on my tits, they end up so shiny and warm!
This trip to Berlin was a fully different experience from our usual beach-trips be we loved it so much we’re absolutely starting to visit cold places from now on. Thanks, Germany!! THIS VIDEO INCLUDES: 3 cumshots, BJ in a plane, cum in mouth, sex in the open window hotel, cum on ass, sex in a fitting room, cum on tits, cum play, panty smelling, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, prone bone, exhibitionism, pussy licking.”



Added on: February 25, 2019

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