Littlesubgirl – Schoolgirl Trying Her New Toys


Littlesubgirl – Schoolgirl Trying Her New Toys

“She comes home from school and she’s all alone. She keeps thinking about this thing she found earlier. She really wants to know what it is, so she takes it out of her backpack. It’s clearly a replica of a penis, but what is it used for? Do people use these to have simulated sex by themselves? She can’t stifle her curiosity, so she decides she has to try it. She starts rubbing her pussy. It’s already wet just from thinking about the toy. She has never had sex or an orgasm before, so she’s excited. She tries to slide it in, but only the tip can fit in her tight little asshole. She needs to lube it up somehow. She decides to suck the toy a bit first in order to lubricate it with her spit, so she start to suck and deep throat the double headed dildo. It slides in much easier the second time she tries. It feels so good sliding the double headed dildo in and out of her ass! She pull out the dildo and taste her ass juice on the dildo right out from her asshole. And then she put fox tail in her asshole and look how cute it is!”



Added on: December 7, 2017

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