Kaedia Lang – Yes Daddy


“Daddy catches me playing with a toy I took from mommy and has me do a little show for him so that he won’t tell mommy. Daddy ends up convincing me to suck him off before be enters my tiny little body and cums inside me. I thought this would be a long awaited video since ya’ll seem to love my barely-legal looking ass LMAO. I try my best to roleplay in the video similar to how an exclusive with me on cam is like when someone requests daddy-daughter stuff, which is quite popular! That being said, my voice is bit higher in this video than my regular speaking voice you’ll notice. There are barely any cuts in this since I (almost!) did it all one one take! So proud of myself! You’ll find dildo sucking and fucking, masturbation, and a creamy surprise at the end! Enjoy.”


1,45 GB / 23:38 min


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