Kaedia Lang – Blackmailing Your Best Friends Girl


Kaedia Lang – Blackmailing Your Best Friends Girls

“You catch your best friend’s girlfriend canoodling with another man behind his back and record it. You present me, the girlfriend, with the video evidence and blackmail her into sucking you off and having sex in exchange for your silence. Little do you know I am more than happy to play with you! This was actually a really fun roleplay to do; you can tell in the video I get really into it and turned on while filming this. It actually surprised me how much I enjoyed talking about myself cheating as I really turned me on; it actually makes me question my character a bit lol. Or maybe it’s just hot because it’s a taboo fantasy sort of thing. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this video! There are multiple angles/scenes, and use of two dildos with a creampie at the end.”



Added on: February 16, 2018

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