Jessica Starling – Schoolgirl Blackmailed Into Anal


Jessica Starling – Schoolgirl Blackmailed Into Anal

“Jessica’s college professor asks to see her after class and shows her “Slutty School Girl Anal” on his laptop — but no one was supposed to see that video. Jessica is horribly embarrassed and asks if she’s gotten into any sort of trouble. However, she quickly figures out her professor’s intentions are to blackmail her with the video he found. Jessica reluctantly strips and puts on a slutty school girl outfit to appease her professor. Next, he makes her put in a butt plug and spank herself with a wooden paddle. Jessica is combative at first, but realizes she must submit to her professor in order to save her academic career. Then, she gets on her knees and sucks her professor’s cock, telling him she’s his cock sucking whore in between deepthroating. Her professor titty fucks her as well, but he’s not yet satiated. He wants to fuck Jessica in the ass, just like he saw in the video. Jessica protests, but is convinced otherwise. Her professor pound her ass until he fills it up wit his cum. Jessica then shows him his cum leaking out from her asshole.”




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