CzechCasting – Adela (18) – 3410


CzechCasting – Adela (18) – 3410

“Adela looks like very young, inexperienced and maybe even a little bit shy. She hasn’t even finished her high school yet, so young is she. How false can the first impression be!! Adela is a little devil, born to have sex. If sex was a school subject, she would already have master’s degree. She always wanted to become a well-known porn star and now, when she’s finally major, she can start living her dream. You could share the dream with her, as our cameraman did. He was surprised how much passion and ferocity was hidden in Adela’s teenage body and you will be surprised as well. Lean back, make yourself comfy and enjoy this spectacle…!”



Added on: April 19, 2021

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