AsianStreetMeat – Plah Anal


AsianStreetMeat – Plah Anal

“Plah works as quality control manager at the seafood packaging company. It is a good job, and she does not need to fuck for money. So I had to convince her with lies and promises of love. Fucking hell it worked. I dressed her like a little hoe, and she behaved much better. And like any good back room office girl, she took it sweetly up her lovely back door asshole. No fishy smell, merely a mild and appealing whiff of fresh sweat and intestines. You can see her sphincter winking on the video. A lovely fuck, a nice clean respectable girl willingly gets fucked three ways on video. She lived up to full expectations. Got lots of my sperm on her face, but not too much entered her mouth. But she did take a load deep in her bowels. I gave her strict instructions not to go to the toilet for a week, and make sure she keeps my semen inside her rectum, and to do so as a token of her loyalty to me. Probably a bloody boring job she does at the seafood company, but I am sure she does it to the best of her ability. Now, I am going to sniff them silver leggings and think about her.”



Added on: May 31, 2021

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