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AsianDreamX / AikoDoll – Obey Me Fully Sub Positions


AsianDreamX / AikoDoll – Obey Me Fully Sub Positions

“Evening. And I got email with link to submissive positions which look so forbidden but yet so interesting for such a decent woman as me. I decided to try how I will look doing them. I take my clothes off (expect heels) and try few of them. Front view. side view, back view. Before I noticed the note next to my door : BUSTED. If you want to stay it private come to the address. With address card. I enter big and great building and when I open next door I see the note: OBEY ME FULLY. He look at me as his submissive and I have to do whatever he says. Firstly undress top to put colar and the ankle wrists from the small round table. He get me spanked really hard after humble position and put all other items. Few more positions for me to follow and Nadu with forceeeeeed* orgasm from hitachi.” 

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Added on: March 19, 2018
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