TrinityMay33 – Public Shopping With A Glass Toy In Me – ManyVids – 7:26 min

“As a challenge from a fan, I decided to go shopping before shooting a cake scene with my friend at MessyHot…. but with a glass dildo in my pussy the whole time. I decided to start the challenge on “easy mode” where I still had my panties on which helped hold it in place. Walking around, feeling myself so filled up the whole time got me incredibly hot and I was so wet that I decided to try “hard mode” and took my panties off so that I had to use my pussy muscles to keep the toy in me. I walked around the store for a while, bending over and flashing showing you how close it came to falling out a couple of times. I even show off with some customers and employees near me. This is one of my most daring videos yet.”

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